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The quintessential Delta Boy, Jeff “JonesyQ” Jones grew up in the Mississippi Delta competing with his father “Big Larry” in BBQ contests mastering his Pitmaster skills.  A Memphis in May World Champion Finalist, driven by the desire to provide nothing less than outstanding BBQ, Jeff begin experimenting with seasonings and spices, searching for combinations that were both versatile and different, and that is how “JonesyQ” Sauces & Rubs were created.

World Championship BBQ
World Championship BBQ

BBQ World Championship Finalist

  • Do you make your own rubs & sauces?
    Yes, we make our own original gourmet BBQ rubs & sauces. Our rubs & sauces have lead us to the top of the BBQ world, winning award after award.
  • Are your products gluten free?
    Yes, our products are gluten free.
  • Do your products contain any GMOs?
    No. We are proud to say that our products do contain any GMOs.
  • Do you offer BBQ catering services?
    Yes, we do offer BBQ catering services. We offer catering services in Memphis, Atlanta, Jackson, Austin, Houston, Kansas City and more.
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