The quintessential Delta Boy, Jeff “JonesyQ” Jones grew up in the Mississippi Delta competing with his father “Big Larry” in BBQ contests mastering his Pitmaster skills.  A Memphis in May World Champion Finalist, driven by the desire to provide nothing less than outstanding BBQ, Jeff begin experimenting with seasonings and spices, searching for combinations that were both versatile and different, and that is how “JonesyQ” Sauces & Rubs were created.

World Championship BBQ
World Championship BBQ

BBQ World Championship Finalist

Frequently asked questions

Do you make your own rubs & sauces?

Yes, we make our own original gourmet BBQ rubs & sauces. Our rubs & sauces have lead us to the top of the BBQ world, winning award after award.

Are your products gluten and GMO free?

Yes, our products are gluten and GMO free.

Are dry rubs better than sauces?

BBQ sauce and dry rub serve two very different functions, at least in low and slow style BBQ cooking, so comparing them would be a bit like comparing apples and oranges. A dry rub should do a couple of things - it should flavor the meat that it's placed on, and encourage the development of the bark (or crust) on the outside of the finished product. From a flavor standpoint, dry rubs are very individual things, and can and should be adjusted to suit your tastes. Our JonesyQ RUBS are more or less meat specific, helping the backyard cook enhance the flavor profile based on what they will be grilling.

BBQ sauces are typically used to accompany finished product, and as such should provide a complementary flavor to the meat. In high temp grilling versus BBQ, some people put sauce directly on the cooking product. All too often, they put the sauce on too soon, and the high sugar content causes it to burn and blacken. JonesyQ advises all grillers to apply sauce in the last five minutes or so of cooking and left on the heat just long enough to begin to set. Even in this type of situation, a rub helps develop a flavor profile in the meat itself, so you don't have plain grilled meat with a thin layer of added flavor on the outside.

A properly executed dry rub with a solid cooking process can produce a flavorful finished product that doesn't have a need for sauce, but a good sauce, with a properly matched flavor profile can elevate even superior food to the next step up. Our JonesyQ Rubs and Sauces were created to complement each other.

Where can I buy JonesyQ products?

Our JonesyQ BBQ product line is available online and in stores locally at Grills of Mississippi in Ridgeland. It is also available at The Delta Meat Market - Cleveland, MS, Corner Market - Hattiesburg, MS, Dot's Ace Hardware - Texarkana, AR, Revell Ace Hardware - Pearl, MS, The Flora Butcher - Flora, MS, Champion BBQ Supply & Spice House - Amarillo, TX, South Texas BBQ Emporium - Beeville TX & Owens BBQ, ND just to name a few.

What advice would you give to aspiring barbeque masters?

Aspiring BBQ pitmasters need to learn how to prepare and control fire/ pit /grill or smoker, this is key. Learn about selecting, trimming, and preparing different kinds of meats is important as well as using rubs, seasonings, marinades, and sauces. But the best thing to do is just start cooking and get some hands-on experience. Practice on friends and family and get their feedback. Always good to go to regional competitions and see what goes on and taste the food and see where your flavor compares.