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Who Needs A RUB?

Shop JonesyQ BBQ Rubs


SMALL BATCH MEANS COMPETITION QUALITY IN EVERY JAR - When we say small batch BBQ Rub, we mean it! Manufacturing in big metal blenders is for BIG BUSINESS who show no love to the art of BBQ. Award Winning Pitmaster and JonseyQ founder Jeff Jones offers you the same love in a 14 oz shaker bottle that he puts into his competition rubs. After lots of testing and tasting, Jeff turned the flavors of his BBQ journey into a lip smacking, rib sticking bottle of Small Batch Love…

GLUTEN, MSG & GMO FREE - JonesyQ Rubs were created from day one so that ALL BBQ lovers can enjoy them. All 4 of our rubs are Gluten Free and is made without the use of GMOs or MSG so you can serve them to any family member. Just because you are allergic to Gluten doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the mouth watering, finger licking, zesty goodness known as JonseyQ BBQ Rubs.



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