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It's important to invest time and effort in developing and nurturing your brand, (hence the new JonesyQ labels). Doing so will help you differentiate your company from your competition and position yourself more effectively in the marketplace. You must have a clear vision of the identity and what you want people to think of when they hear about your company, then work to make that vision a reality. The new labels were introduced on our new line of Rubs, #XTCRUB #MONEYHONEY #COWPOW and are coherent with our identity. If you have seen our 3D BBQ cooking TRAILER featuring a "curious life-like pig", there is a cohesive vibe reflected with the galvanized tin and distressed red wood.

We have had incredible feedback over the new look of our bottles. A fresh look at branding is crucial in this business and we here at JonesyQ are humbled by so many customers and retail stores reaching out to us. Below you will see a note from a store in Pennsylvania who has carried our Championship Rubs and Sauces in the past and shared their impressions of the bottles.

As our JonesyQ Co moves forward into the new decade we hope to continue pushing ahead with our brand, our look, our products and the company. Our brand statement/tagline #WhoNeedsARub effectively communicates to our audience what we are selling. It's short, sweet, and full of a humerous double meaning (by most accounts) but in the decade ahead you will be seeing a entire new line of chef inspired, gourmet driven seasonings and rubs. These new Artisan-Infused herbs and spices are in the works and will promise to elevate any signature dish.

Stay tuned!

We are incredibly excited about 2020.



Good morning, Jeff! WOW, I love the new labels! Absolutely love ‘em! Any plans of re-doing the sauce labels? Ok, so Cow Pow has no MSG, Worcestershire Powder, Beef Extract, and Mushroom Powder?!! The umami-ness (I don’t care if that’s not a proper word, it sounds cool) of this rub must be out of this world! You know what, Jeff? I’m convinced if you can stick this whole sauce fiasco out, you’re going to GO PLACES! To be very honest with you, I really wasn’t expecting to sell much of your stuff besides at events that Al Himmelberger’s cooking here and using it. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised, and I have to tell you, the rubs will absolutely sell better with the new labels. In my opinion, an attractive, colorful (though not psychedelic, some people over-do it!), and uncluttered label + a short bio/description on rub and sauce labels is a MUST for getting those “Cold Buys”, people who purchase it just because they think they’d like to try it. I honestly think you completely NAILED the labels! Couple all that with some promotional cooking, and the fact that it’s a newer brand for the area? Good times! Have a great day! Matt Miller

Meadow Creek Barbecue Supply

…if life gives you lemons, simmer the zest into your bbq sauce!

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